I thought I would let you know that our newest kitten is thriving in his new environment.He’s healthy, strong, and eats like a horse. We have named him Baron. He and Truman absolutely adore each other.

In fact, the adoption of little ordering paxil Baron is probably the best thing we have ever done for Truman.

He really needed a companion that would play with him and give him something to focus on. Baron has filled that role and more.

Thank you again,


Hi Barb!

I just wanted to share that our little kitten is transitioning splendidly. We’ve named him Aristotle and he is an absolute joy! He endured the car ride home with nary a meow, just sitting quietly under the watchful eye of Simon, then explored his new home with curiosity and fascination.

He sleeps contentedly through the night on his berber mat next to Simon’s pillow, has used his litter box without fail, and hasn’t buy paxil online us skipped a beat with his appetite.

He loves to race through the house, play with his toys, and snuggle up close to one of us at nap time.

We know the great care you take in raising and nurturing your kittens is the reason Aristotle is such a well adjusted kitten. All of the “hints and tips” you shared have been indispensable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All the best,


Hi Barb….

Just  a note to tell you I have a bone to pick with you!

It now takes me 2 or 3 times as long to get anything done.  I’m either playing with DeeCee, watching her play, holding her on my lap, carrying her around the house or SOMETHING.

And if she falls buy paxil usa asleep on my lap, I CAN’T bring myself to wake her up.

Perhaps you should advise your prospective Ragdoll kitty people to hire a full time cook, dish washer, laundress etc. etc. before they bring the new little princesses home!  Best Regards, Sharon 🙂


Every moment with our kitty, Rhett, is a joy. He is well adjusted and has our hearts.He has a great “Cat Only” vet. She shows cats as well and has been my daughters vet for years.
As you can see from the pic Rhett and I still buy paxil uk take time for Mark Twain:) He follows me from room to room. He’s everything we hoped he would be and loads of personality more!

Happy New Year

Regan & Charlie

Dear Barb,

Hi, my name is Regan I am nine years old and love my cat. We decided to name him Charlie. He is a playful and very mellow. He was one of my early Christmas presents or may I add one of my WONDERFUL generic paxil uk Christmas presents. I bet Charlie is one of my most favorite cats because he loves to just flop around and also he is so loving, in fact very loving. He is almost famous, everybody wants to hold him. So I’m glad he’s mine.

Levi & Elsa

Hi Barb,
I just wanted to give you an update on Levi and Elsa after our first two days together…we’re in love!! We still can’t believe how sweet, gentle, quiet and loving they both are. After our terrible experience with a kitten last year, we were both a little nervous about what to expect. I can honestly say that we couldn’t be happier with these two little sweethearts!You were exactly right about their temperament and personalities and the wisdom of having a pair. They were calm when we picked them up from the cargo order paxil online terminal, snoozed on the way home, explored their kitten room, played, ate a little, and then curled up in our arms for a rest.

I just can’t say enough about how wonderful they are. My husband is completely amazed and we can’t stop talking about how happy we are to have found you! My instinct to contact you after looking at so many other websites was right on, and we are thrilled with our new little family members! Thank you for helping us find these two very sweet kittens. We’ll keep you updated…

Robin & Scott