Oh my goodness Barb, we couldn’t have asked for more of an Angel. Percy is such a character. The first night I awoke to him trying to suckle on my neck. And he follows me everywhere. My hubby has already nicknamed him “the pur-sa-nator”.
And he is already sleeping on the bed with our 100 lb German Shepherd, as if they where litter mates. We can’t thank you (or Ms. Lady Olivia) enough for blessing our home so much.


Update: all grown up, all fished out.


I just wanted to share a picture with you to show you how big Annabella is getting and I cannot believe it’s her 1st Birthday.


Just sending a pic of Zandaya. She is doing wonderful. Very spoiled. And so very smart. She follows me everywhere.

At night she comes in and walks on me and lets me know its time for her treats. I made the mistake of giving them to her when i was in bed when she was a baby and now its a routine of hers to come let me know she’s ready for them.

Love her to pieces and just wanted to let you know that she is great.


Hi Barb,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my kitty Isabella (we call her Izzy). She is beautiful, playful, intelligent and very sweet and loving, the perfect kitty. Her curiosity is never ending so she keeps me on my toes.

Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt one of your beautiful kitties. I will do my utmost to provide her with a safe loving environment so she can enjoy her life as much as much as she is putting joy into our lives.

Thanks again for such a positive pet adoption experience.

Best regards,

Lisa 😀


Lindsey has always been a sweet, purring little cuddler, from the very first day she flew to Texas and landed in my arms! Before long I began to notice that when she would curl up on, or next to, us to go to sleep she would begin to do something so surprising that we endearingly described it as “sucking her thumb”.
Lindsey makes us feel so loved when she “talks” to us in her high little voice to let us know she’s coming to cuddle or entice us to play (even during the night!)… scooting in as close to us as she can… a lingering look into our eyes… contentedly “sucking her thumb” till she falls asleep (with a very wet furry little paw)……..I could indeed carry on about so many other charming, playful things she does that we so love about her, but I decided to keep this briefer than my previous email! Thank you again, Barb, for the time and love and care you invest in your little furry “packages” so each “gift” will truly bless the people…the families…whom you also care about!

Claudia and Steve



Barb, Thank you so much for Cadbury! She is the floppiest, happiest, most snuggly cat ever. Her and Bentley (our male Ragdoll) have become really good friends. They are constantly playing, grooming each other, etc…. Cadbury is quite certain that Bentley’s tail is the most amazing kitten toy ever and she spends a good part of each day trying to attack it as he twitches it. LOL!Cadbury is also incredibly loving to our whole family. She loves snuggling with everyone, loves to play and wakes us up each morning purring and begging to be petted. 🙂 She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we are so grateful that we were able to work with you to bring her home with us.

Love, The Randall’s