I can’t believe Keiko is already four months old! He is doing so great!! This picture shows you how he helps me to make the bed. He loves to play under the covers. :)We all just love him so much. As soon as he hears the door open he comes to greet whoever enters. Of course he is quickly scooped up and loved on by all of us.

His favorite toy is a gift bag filled with tissue paper. He pulls out all the tissue then jumps in and races through it. It is quite entertaining.

His second favorite toy would be Rocky’s tail (our Golden Retriever). Rocky doesn’t mind at all. Sometimes it seems he slaps his tail on the floor to get Keiko to play with it.
We are so thankful for him!
We can not thank you enough for allowing us to have him as a member of our family!!!


Dear Barb,

My family and I love Sugar so much, she is the sweetest kitten!!!

All the best, Laura


Dear Barb-
Bella has grown up to be a lovely young lady one year later. Lovely disposition, loves to be around us. Easy going – and the prettiest blue eyes you ever saw.

Hope you are well. Thank you for this lovely addition to our family.

Warmly, Megan

Ralphie & Georgie Best Friends Furrever

Hi Barb…just wanted to let you know how wonderful Ralphie is doing…he is a fun loving little man…or should i say BIG man…he is already 11 pounds lol. I took this pic the other day and just thought how precious it was and wanted to share it with you 🙂 Ralphie and Georgie Best Friends Furrever 🙂 Take Care, Eileen


Within 1 week Kiska is adjusting quite, well as you can see.