Within 1 week Kiska is adjusting quite, well as you can see.


Lucy the kitten LOVES Avery, follows her around everywhere. She hasn’t left Avery’s side since we got home. She’s had some lunch and found her litter box. Has yet to use it but she seems to be weathering the storm quite well, purring and everything.

Thanks for everything,

Miss Kitty

Grace got all your instructions about how to care for Miss Kitty.  She told me everything and she would say Barb says……not to let her outside, not to de claw her etc etc.

I knew all this but I loved how she took her job of taking care of Miss Kitty so seriously.

She loves Miss Kitty and thinks she babysits her when she comes over.  I love it since they are busy together.

We Love Miss Kitty, Thanks again

Mia & Ozzy

Mia & Ozzy 1 year later

Had to share a photo from last night! Mia never goes to bed without goodnight kisses from Ozzy! This one is priceless !!!


I thought I would let you know that our newest kitten is thriving in his new environment.He’s healthy, strong, and eats like a horse. We have named him Baron. He and Truman absolutely adore each other.

In fact, the adoption of little Baron is probably the best thing we have ever done for Truman.

He really needed a companion that would play with him and give him something to focus on. Baron has filled that role and more.

Thank you again,


Hi Barb!

I just wanted to share that our little kitten is transitioning splendidly. We’ve named him Aristotle and he is an absolute joy! He endured the car ride home with nary a meow, just sitting quietly under the watchful eye of Simon, then explored his new home with curiosity and fascination.

He sleeps contentedly through the night on his berber mat next to Simon’s pillow, has used his litter box without fail, and hasn’t skipped a beat with his appetite.

He loves to race through the house, play with his toys, and snuggle up close to one of us at nap time.

We know the great care you take in raising and nurturing your kittens is the reason Aristotle is such a well adjusted kitten. All of the “hints and tips” you shared have been indispensable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All the best,