Lucy the kitten LOVES Avery, follows her around everywhere. She hasn’t left Avery’s side since we got home. She’s had some lunch and found her litter box. Has yet to use it but she seems to be weathering the storm quite well, purring and everything.

Thanks for everything,

Miss Kitty

Grace got all your instructions about how to care for Miss Kitty.  She told me everything and she would say Barb says……not to let her outside, not to de claw her etc etc.

I knew all this but I loved how she took her job of taking care of Miss Kitty so seriously.

She loves Miss Kitty and thinks she babysits her when she comes over.  I love it since they are busy together.

We Love Miss Kitty, Thanks again

Mia & Ozzy

Mia & Ozzy 1 year later

Had to share a photo from last night! Mia never goes to bed without goodnight kisses from Ozzy! This one is priceless !!!


I thought I would let you know that our newest kitten is thriving in his new environment.He’s healthy, strong, and eats like a horse. We have named him Baron. He and Truman absolutely adore each other.

In fact, the adoption of little Baron is probably the best thing we have ever done for Truman.

He really needed a companion that would play with him and give him something to focus on. Baron has filled that role and more.

Thank you again,


Hi Barb!

I just wanted to share that our little kitten is transitioning splendidly. We’ve named him Aristotle and he is an absolute joy! He endured the car ride home with nary a meow, just sitting quietly under the watchful eye of Simon, then explored his new home with curiosity and fascination.

He sleeps contentedly through the night on his berber mat next to Simon’s pillow, has used his litter box without fail, and hasn’t skipped a beat with his appetite.

He loves to race through the house, play with his toys, and snuggle up close to one of us at nap time.

We know the great care you take in raising and nurturing your kittens is the reason Aristotle is such a well adjusted kitten. All of the “hints and tips” you shared have been indispensable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All the best,


Hi Barb….

Just  a note to tell you I have a bone to pick with you!

It now takes me 2 or 3 times as long to get anything done.  I’m either playing with DeeCee, watching her play, holding her on my lap, carrying her around the house or SOMETHING.

And if she falls asleep on my lap, I CAN’T bring myself to wake her up.

Perhaps you should advise your prospective Ragdoll kitty people to hire a full time cook, dish washer, laundress etc. etc. before they bring the new little princesses home!  Best Regards, Sharon 🙂


Every moment with our kitty, Rhett, is a joy. He is well adjusted and has our hearts.He has a great “Cat Only” vet. She shows cats as well and has been my daughters vet for years.
As you can see from the pic Rhett and I still take time for Mark Twain:) He follows me from room to room. He’s everything we hoped he would be and loads of personality more!

Happy New Year

Levi & Elsa

Hi Barb,
I just wanted to give you an update on Levi and Elsa after our first two days together…we’re in love!! We still can’t believe how sweet, gentle, quiet and loving they both are. After our terrible experience with a kitten last year, we were both a little nervous about what to expect. I can honestly say that we couldn’t be happier with these two little sweethearts!You were exactly right about their temperament and personalities and the wisdom of having a pair. They were calm when we picked them up from the cargo terminal, snoozed on the way home, explored their kitten room, played, ate a little, and then curled up in our arms for a rest.

I just can’t say enough about how wonderful they are. My husband is completely amazed and we can’t stop talking about how happy we are to have found you! My instinct to contact you after looking at so many other websites was right on, and we are thrilled with our new little family members! Thank you for helping us find these two very sweet kittens. We’ll keep you updated…

Robin & Scott


Hi Barbara!

Last week we celebrated my 1st birthday! My birthday present was a drinking fountain that runs all the time, so I don’t have to go begging in the sink anymore! The sink actually is my favorite place to curl up in if there is someone in the bathroom.

This summer, the humans took me on this really long trip in something I’ve learned is called a car, and I lived in a new house. I got to watch squirrels and chipmunks outside, and there were a lot of people who loved me so much! I spent half my time sleeping under MY rocking chair, and the other half begging for someone to pat me. The humans always told me how dangerous it was to sleep under that rocking chair, but I claimed it, and I tried to get all of my paws and my tail under different feet if possible.

Now I am back home, after another very long ride in the car, and I have rediscovered all of my favorite places to sleep, especially the sink. I am a great help to my family, helping with the cooking by sniffing everything to make sure it is good to eat, and although I even try to taste a lot of the time, I’m not allowed. I brush my teeth all the time, by chewing when I don’t have anything in my mouth, kind of like the human concept of gum. Otherwise, I love sitting on the printer and watching the humans stare at this strange screen, and trying to distract them so that we can play!

I am so happy to be 1!



Thanks again for getting him here and allowing us to be new parents!! He knows who we are, follows us around each day and he sits in the kitchen at my feet and talks with me when he wants his wet food  😀  so who teaches who??  LOL  I love him.

Abe sits with me when I’m watching TV and it was so cute..he was stretched out, on his back, I was rubbing his belly and back feet and he made this noise.

We looked at each other and just couldn’t help but laugh…he was dreaming…and thought he was sucking some milk and made that  thut..thut..thut sound as they do…so funny!!!

Precious George

Here are the latest pictures of our Precious George.  He seems to be adjusting really well, and our dog is amazingly good with him.  They play all the time, and when they don’t – they cuddle.  It is soooo cute :-). We love his personality and his little crossed eyes… They make him so much more special!

Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for training him to go to the box.  He has been going in his box since the day he got here and has had no accidents so far.  This is amazing because we have a 4,000 SF house! It is very impressive, especially after my dog’s 8 months long potty training…

Thank you so much again,


Hello Dear Barbara,

I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share a funny Idaho story with you.  One of Idaho’s favorite activities is to steal things from unsuspecting individuals and unusual places and then stash them next to his food dish.His latest caper involved removing the inserts from my rubber boots and running around the house with them before depositing them in his private “treasure chest”.

I have absolutely no idea how he even discovered them since the boots have been in the same place ever since Idaho joined our family.  I’ve attached some photos of him in the act but I’m not sure that they clearly represent the activity.

I also attached a picture of him sleeping in/on my printer…a newly discovered napping place for him! I can’t even begin to tell you, dear Barbara, how much joy this little boy has brought us and continues to deliver day after day. Thank you for doing the most amazing job imaginable in raising these precious babies!



Hi Barbara…

Well, we’re having the time of our lives!!!  Dinah has adjusted so well and I wanted to let you know that she is doing great.  She and Spooky have become best friends and they play so cute.  He’s very gentle with her, but she’s not so gentle with him.

She has adapted to us just like she’s been here forever.  We’re having a ball.  Only one problem, she’s getting spoiled rotten!!!

She’s having a great time and so are we.  We know you miss her, just know she’s in good hands and she very happy.  We’ll keep you informed on everything.  Thanks again and God Bless.  Love, Lanny

Bella & Luna

Dear Barbara,

   It has been 6 months now since I was blessed with Belle & Luna! Here is a current photo of these two amazing girls!! : )  Luna (my babysitter) follows me everywhere I go and is the eternal gift of giving love. Constantly giving and needing loves and pets and snuggles! She is amazingly loving and loyal! Belle is extremely loyal herself however she is a bit more independent than Luna (a bit of a joker actually) and needs and gives love on HER time not mine! lol You definitely pegged their personalities to a tee!

Belle however gets a bit jealous of Luna and her cuddles and will come over and nudge Luna out of the way of my petting hand and slither right in to position of the caresses.  Priceless is the look on Luna’s face when she realizes what Belle just did and she will look up at me with the most pathetically precious eyes as if she is saying “Hey mom, you gonna let her do that?” lol Beyond adorable! : )

At bed time Luna snuggles in to my upper body and lays her head on my shoulder and looks so deep in my eyes it’s almost like she is looking in to my soul, Belle likes to snuggle in to my legs or in the crevice of my back and puts her paws around me. They both like to take their paws and very gently caress my face like I do theirs, amazing gentleness! Belle is a bit more vocal than Luna.

Belle definitely lets you know when she is not happy, she does this little chatter thing, looks up at you and pouts and walks away, will stop after a couple of steps, look back at you for a second then put her head down and continue to walk away.  Just like a kid. The both of them Purr, no change that, both of them have this motor that gets running when you pet them, to the point you have to turn up the TV.  Fun to get them both purring at the same time, it’s musical! They are so purrfect! : )

Neither of the girls have ever had an accident from the day I got them, I have not one scratch or scuff on any piece of furniture, they show the utmost respect for their environment and this was all taught to them before I even received them! Boy does that say a lot about their breeder and the environment they were born and weaned in! You my lady are an amazing “cat lady” and should be very proud of not just the exquisite beauty of the felines you produce but the temperament and manners is unprecedented! Belle and Luna have changed my life and you are responsible for this incredible change! I could never possibly express in words my thanks and appreciation for what you do but I hope you realize in your heart your impact on other people is heaven! : )

I will continue to update you on Belle & Luna as they reach their adulthood! Luna at 9 months is 14.5 lbs and Belle is 15 lbs, they are going to be some pretty big girls!

Thank you so much Barbara for my new family!
Lori in Minnesota


I just wanted to let you know Gus is doing wonderfully, and he’s the most amazing kitten! Such a love-bug, always wanting to be held, cuddled, and rubbed! Gus is incredibly smart! I could call ‘here kitty’ until I was blue in the face and he’d just stare at me, but if I say “come, Gus”, he always comes straight to me, trilling and wanting a cuddle! And what a floppy boy he is! He often asks to be held and carried, and becomes such a soft, relaxed noodle in my arms that I must hold him carefully so he won’t ‘slide’ from my hands! He’s such a Ragdoll! And what a sweet-talker! From little chirps to sweet trills, he’s constantly charming me with his soft-spoken chatter.

Gus loves playing ‘Peek-A-Boo’! When I go into the kitchen, he’ll peek his adorable face over the sofa arm – just ears, eyes, and barely his nose showing. When I say “I see you Gus!” he’ll quickly duck, only to peek over the arm again!

‘Aunt Nonni’ (my friend Sonya) visited yesterday, and after a cautious inspection, he charmed his way into her heart… although at first sight of him, she was already head-over-heels crazy about him! He impressed ‘Aunt Nonni’ when he popped out of his litter box and wiped his clay-dusty paws on the toweling around his box!
Each day brings another new and amazing thing, and while I never think it possible, each day, I love him more deeply than the day before. I’m doing everything I can think of to give Gus as much happiness as he gives me 🙂 and I do know that so much of his loving personality is because of you and the loving way in which he was raised! Thank you, Barbara!

We love you!
Suzanne & Gus