Mousse has settled in great and we are just loving him to pieces. He flew home without a single peep. Used his litter box right away and uses his scratching posts really well also. He has the most wonderful personality, he lets the kids carry him everywhere. Loves to chase everything across our wood floors and slide from one end of the house to the other. He would have nothing to do with staying in one room for more than a day and quickly acquainted himself with our whole house and our dog Riley. They¬†became fast friends, although Riley thinks Mouse is a little to active for his 14 years. But when Mousse is ready to nap Riley always has a spot warmed up for him. He is incredibly mischievous and jumps into any open cupboard, purse, suitcase or box and has become quite an escape artist that we have to watch very closely every time we go outside. I can’t begin to thank you making our family complete again. Mousse almost has as many toys as the kids! He is also growing so fast!!