Hi Barbara!

Last week we celebrated my 1st birthday! My birthday present was a drinking fountain that runs all the time, so I don’t have to go begging in the sink anymore! The sink actually is my favorite place to curl up in if there is someone in the bathroom.

This summer, the humans took me on this really long trip in something I’ve learned is called a car, and I lived in a new house. I got to watch squirrels and chipmunks outside, and there were a lot of people who loved me so much! I spent half my time sleeping under MY rocking chair, and the other half begging for someone to pat me. The humans always told me how dangerous it was to sleep under that rocking chair, but I claimed it, and I tried to get all of my paws and my tail under different feet if possible.

Now I am back home, after another very long ride in the car, and I have rediscovered all of my favorite places to sleep, especially the sink. I am a great help to my family, helping with the cooking by sniffing everything to make sure it is good to eat, and although I even try to taste a lot of the time, I’m not allowed. I brush my teeth all the time, by chewing when I don’t have anything in my mouth, kind of like the human concept of gum. Otherwise, I love sitting on the printer and watching the humans stare at this strange screen, and trying to distract them so that we can play!

I am so happy to be 1!