Our Kitten Contract


Under no circumstances is this Kitten/Cat allowed to roam outdoors.  This cat is not to be de-clawed.  This procedure could alter the personality and cause aggression.  Check out this website.

This kitten has known nothing but pure love.  Purchaser is responsible for kind loving attention and proper care of the Kitten/Cat which includes but is not limited to good food, fresh water, regular veterinary care and indoor sanitary facilities. A $200 deposit will secure a kitten for you.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Breeder guarantees the Kitten/Cat to be healthy at the time of purchase for 72 hours.  If the Buyer is concerned of a health issue and wants to return the kitten, a letter from the veterinarian is required, stating why the Kitten/Cat’s health is in question.  Buyer agrees to pay return shipping

Kitten/Cat has a 2 year guarantee against lethal genetic or congenital defects.  If the Kitten/Cat should die or have to be put down due to a genetic or congenital defect before it is 2 year old, Breeder will replace the Kitten/Cat, upon being provided an autopsy report and is not obligated to replace the exact color or pattern, although the Breeder will try. There will be no cash refunds.  Breeder will not be responsible for any shipping or medical costs.  The autopsy report must be from a licensed veterinary pathologist, not the attending veterinarian, stating unquestionably a genetic or congenital defect, not an chemical or environmental affect.

Breeder agrees to provide a complete record of all vaccinations for this Kitten/Cat.  Under no circumstances is Buyer to allow veterinarian to vaccinate this Kitten/Cat with a booster and Rabies at same visit, Ragdolls are sensitive and death may occur.  Breeder will not warrant kitten for FIP.  Breeder will not be responsible for any adverse reactions to subsequent vaccines of 3-way, 4-way, FeLV or Rabies.  Breeder recommends that only one vaccine be given per visit to the vet and not a combination of the aforementioned vaccines.  Since Ragdolls are sensitive to vaccines, we recommend not giving Rabies and not giving Feline Leukemia. Auto immune disorders (tumors or cancers) and allergies can occur.

Do not use ProMeris flea control on your kitten, death may occur or kidney failure and your warrantee will be void.

New kittens may show signs of stress including, but not limited to, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea and or constipation.

If Buyer is at some point in time is unable to care for this pet, and are unable to re-home the pet, the Breeder would like to know where you place the kitty.  Please do not put the pet in the humane shelter or pound.

If Buyer fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, Buyer forfeits any rights Buyer may otherwise have.  Buyer understands that the purchase price does not include the cost of transport, carrier, health certificate, or the individual registration.  The Kitten/Cat must be paid for in full at least 2 weeks before the date of coming to your home.