Available Ragdoll Kittens

 Updated 1/20/2023

Thank you for your interest in my Adorable Ragdoll Kittens.
We have retired from breeding Ragdolls

We are Retired,
Here are some contacts to help in your search

Sarah in Salt Lake, 801-592-2212

Jan in Denver, 719-688-6463



Retired Female Available, Bella…. needs single lady with no kids or other pets

A newborn kitten only minutes old 💕
newborn ragdoll kitten

Have a look at how we feed our babies

Mother’s Love

mothers love ragdoll cat with kitten

Perhaps this will bring a smile to you…….
Believe in Miracles……..

believe in miracles

All my kittens are spayed & neutered prior to leaving.
My ragdoll kittens are purebred and registered in
The International Cat Association, TICA
The Cat Fanciers Association CFA.

I have been raising Adorable Ragdoll kittens for 23 years,
And show my adults.