Pet Scammers out in Force

In talking with many families searching for a pet to add to their home, I have heard of many of them being ripped off… paying good money for their lovely pet and not receiving it.

Be aware….. Most airlines are not shipping pets right now……  if you are promised to have your pet shipped, that is a Red Flag.

Flight nannies are very expensive….. and many take the pet home with them, to uncertain cleanliness standards, and mixed with other pets….  bugs & germs, and possibly a carrier that has been used many times.

I am located in Boise Idaho and can ship on Alaska Airlines with Direct Flights to Seattle, Portland Oregon, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

For those of you living on the East US…. I offer you this….. 2 of our Ragdoll Clubs, where you can search by state for a legitimate Breeder.

Press the picture for a direct link to each club.

Please be safe and Trust but Verify.