Sugar Baby

Hi, Barbara!

I was expecting a wonderful kitty but Sugar Baby’s so much more than that!!!!  She’s so lovable and sweet, she’s very smart!, and she’s so much FUN!  She really has made herself at home and it’s just a joy having her here with us.  She’s constantly purring except when she’s sleeping!

The only problem I foresee is leaving her home alone – maybe I’ll have to retire (hahaha)!!  Actually, I’ll start with little doses tomorrow afternoon when I go to the grocery store.  I can’t even leave her in a room alone without her crying for me – as long as she can see me and get to me, she’s happy as can be!  Of course, we’ve been “attached” all day today!  She made big friends everywhere we went today – my niece’s running camp, my office and a friend’s office, the vet’s…what fun!!

This morning, Larry found her sleeping between his two pillows, flat as a pancake and purring when he took her out!  She slept thru the night, under the covers, behind my head, on the nightstand in a little bitty space between some books.

You’ve raised an incredibly special little pet for us…thank you so much, Barbara.