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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Please enjoy some comments from our happy Ragdoll owners.

Kitty in Alaska

Here is Addy Girl watching sunrise from her cat tree. She’s so sweet and beautiful kitty . I love her to death. Thanks again for her.



Beautiful Ragdoll, Marston

Hi Barb,
I wanted you to see how beautiful Marston is.  I will never, EVER, be able to thank you enough for this little lover.
He takes being affectionate to the level of extraordinaire!!! 
I Cherish him!!!

Love Our New Kitten

Hi Barb,

Just wanted to know that we absolutely adore that new kitten of yours.  We named him “Toulouse”.  He is extremely affectionate, purrs very loudly, is very bold and gets along really well with the other cats.

Figaro is a wonderful big brother, comes to the kitten’s “rescue” each time Toulouse “cries”, makes sure Toulouse is clean, loves to play with him, and ensures Toulouse is not disturbed during meals by standing guard.

After an initial disagreement, Mufasa completely accepted the kitten as well, and even allowed him to sleep with him on many occasions.


Tessa & the Zoo


Thank you so much again for entrusting me with these two. They are a precious gift!

Best Little Buddy

Our beautiful Bleu Willow who has thankfully already taken over our lives and home in four short, wonderful days.  He is non stop playing all day and sleeps like the baby he is in my arms all night.  Our living room and bedroom is his playground with all the toys he needs (besides us). Of course, can’t thank you enough Barb for loving him and training him to make him perfect! And he IS!  Much love, from Keith, Bleu Willow and me


Hi Barb!

I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. Kensington is THE most loving, playful and adorable kitten ever! He joined right in with the family without a hitch.

After we got home, he used his litter box, ate the entire portion of chicken thighs, ran around the perimeter of the room…and then right into my lap. It took a day for Tennyson to warm up to him. Now they are tearing around the house together.

Kensington has brought such joy and I just LOVE HIM!!!
Thank you, Barb!!!

Ps: Thank you for the cat teaser…the kitties love it!


Nov 1,2017

Hi Barb,

I thought you would like to see how BIG Kensington is getting!

I have never, in my life, had a kitten that has brought me so much joy.

He makes me laugh on a daily basis with all of his antics.

I not only Love him…I Adore him!!!

Thank you, Barb for all of the Happiness that ‘our’ baby has brought into my life!


Little Sebastian

Little Sebastian…..  suckling my neck…. He thinks I’m his mommy.


Hi Barb

Here is a picture if my daughter with the kitten.(His name is Gatsby). He has adjusted well and the whole family is in love with him.

Thanks again


Oh my goodness Barb, we couldn’t have asked for more of an Angel. Percy is such a character. The first night I awoke to him trying to suckle on my neck. And he follows me everywhere. My hubby has already nicknamed him “the pur-sa-nator”.
And he is already sleeping on the bed with our 100 lb German Shepherd, as if they where litter mates. We can’t thank you (or Ms. Lady Olivia) enough for blessing our home so much.


Update: all grown up, all fished out.


I just wanted to share a picture with you to show you how big Annabella is getting and I cannot believe it’s her 1st Birthday.