Lacey is doing so good. the kids absolutely love her, and so does Lacey to them, she is such a sweetheart and I thank you.

Jessica Bittinger


After just a few days, Stella seems to be settling in great. After a few obligatory hisses at the dogs, she’s decided they’re not so bad. In fact, they’re pretty soft & cuddly.


Thanks again for the super kitten. She’s awesome.



Hi Barbara!
Even though I didn’t know you before we got Leo, I feel as though I have known you forever! I have looked at dozens of Ragdoll sites on the internet and just had a feeling come over me that you were the one! Boy was I right!

Getting our kitten from you has been a pleasure! Michael and I still talk about all the love and care you put into your kittens and how meticulously you had everything done for our kitten.

Not just basic things like the paper work but sending him with all the little extra loving touches, right down to the toys and his baby blanket! And let me tell you, IT SHOWS!

Leo has been so well adjusted right from day one! It has been obvious that he came from a loving breeder who truly cares about doing things right! We are so very in love with our Leo. He has been fun from the minute we got him! He is so affectionate, so smart and so sweet! He is a total love!

Everyone warned me he might cry through the first few nights but they were all wrong. From the very first night he just laid there and purred! He uses his litter box and scratching post and gives us no problems at all! The girls love him to bits and fight over who gets to hold him. Leo just purrs and lets them pass him back and forth and back and forth. He is always gentle with them! I can’t believe how beautiful he is.

Everyone who has seen him says he is the prettiest kitten they have ever seen! I am so thankful to see that there are still people like you in the world who are doing the best that can be done at what they do! Michael and I were just saying the other day, “With Barbara, Ragdoll breeding is something that she takes very seriously, something that she is passionate about and is committed to doing the right way.” I know we will have years of happiness with our Leo and will always be thankful for you, With love, Lynnette Winn

Sugar Baby

Hi, Barbara!

I was expecting a wonderful kitty but Sugar Baby’s so much more than that!!!!  She’s so lovable and sweet, she’s very smart!, and she’s so much FUN!  She really has made herself at home and it’s just a joy having her here with us.  She’s constantly purring except when she’s sleeping!

The only problem I foresee is leaving her home alone – maybe I’ll have to retire (hahaha)!!  Actually, I’ll start with little doses tomorrow afternoon when I go to the grocery store.  I can’t even leave her in a room alone without her crying for me – as long as she can see me and get to me, she’s happy as can be!  Of course, we’ve been “attached” all day today!  She made big friends everywhere we went today – my niece’s running camp, my office and a friend’s office, the vet’s…what fun!!

This morning, Larry found her sleeping between his two pillows, flat as a pancake and purring when he took her out!  She slept thru the night, under the covers, behind my head, on the nightstand in a little bitty space between some books.

You’ve raised an incredibly special little pet for us…thank you so much, Barbara.



Awaiting a New Sister

We were on your website the other night and our kitten was looking at the cute pictures of your kittens. She loved pawing at the little butterflies on the screen. It was so cute I took a picture of it. She was looking at her new sister to be 🙂


Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for letting me adopt Jaspurr!  I am so fortunate to have him and Sadie.  I dearly love them both.  Jaspurr, with Sadie close behind him, follows me everywhere….even to sitting patiently close by while I’m in the shower, just waiting for me to finish.  As a matter of fact, both Jaspurr and Sadie, together, give the word “underfoot” a brand new meaning; they are, literally, underfoot constantly.

I’ve sat down and meditated for years; now I find that I move more slowly and consciously in everything I do when at home, being always aware of each movement so as not to step on either of them.  It takes the three of us to do anything and everything … even to making up the bed every morning (where we all sleep!).  Our home life is quiet and peaceful and full of love.

Last night, they were waiting together at the window for me when I returned home.  We three are bonding for life.  Never have I had it so good!!

After dinner, both Sadie and Jaspurr sit on on my lap … Jaspurr up close and personal, laying his head on my arm…. Sadie either laying on my legs or wrapped around my shoulders.  I already know this can’t go on forever as they will weigh too much when they’re fully grown, but it’s wonderful right now.

Anyway, I rock and they sleep, and we’re all happy.  I heard Jaspurr purr last night for the first time and it touched my soul.  I do believe he’s happy and has accepted his new home.  He’s a very special cat and so very beautiful, too.  Both he and Sadie have adopted me, as I have them, and we’re all happy.  Thank you so much.